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Robin Good: OnSwipe is a brand new service which allows any web publisher to instantly create a beautiful-looking iPad magazine by simply providing the references to RSS feeds, Twitter, YouTube/Flickr channels and more. OnSwipe does the rest.

The service is extremely simple to use. Just go to, click Get Started, and one registered you only need to provide the URL or name of your different content or social media channels. 

OnSwipe also helps you select an appropriate design layout theme, that will be used to display your content on your iPad output.  

Once you have setup all of your content sources, OnSwipe provides you with a snippet of JavaScript code to place in the head tag of your web site. iPad-based web site visitors visiting it will automatically "see" the "optimized" OnSwipe view.

You can also setup a custom domain such as for your iPad aficionados.

Very promising. 9/10

N.B.: The service looks like it has been freshly baked and there are a few things that may not work yet as expected. I am myself testing it and trying to understand how to make it work.

Read more about Swipe and the philosophy behind it: 

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