Speech Recognition For Everyone: Text Dictation Comes To Your Browser with TalkTyper | Web Publishing Tools | Scoop.it

Robin Good: TalkTyper is a web-based app that allows you to talk into any microphone connected to your computer and to have your words immediately typed and ready to copied and pasted into any traditional document.

TalkTyper goes beyond simple real-time transcription by offering you:

-> alternative words and interpretations

-> the ability to edit the transcription on the fly

-> the option to immediately save the transcribed text in a special editable area, and to then send it out via email, Twitter, or to translate automatically into another language.

I have personally tried the app, which is extremely simple to use, and I must say that as long as you do not use fancy words, and keep your pace rather slow, TalkTyper does an impressive job of capturing and transcribing your words into actual text.

It is possible also to insert punctuation marks while you talk by calling them up specifically during dictation. 

TalkTyper works in over 16 different languages including English (US and UK), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian.

The app is free to use.

Try it out for yourself now: http://talktyper.com/