Publish Short Texts To The Web Instantly: | Web Publishing Tools | is a simple tool to post text online, with minimum fuss. You type your own text and you can publish it instantly, including links to images or videos, to a real web page. 

(Free urls will remain active as long as it is visited at least once in 6 months by anyone, after which we may purge the URL for others to use it.)

Warning: once you post something, is posted. No way to swtich back.

shortText also allows you to reduce the size of any text to 140 characters so that you can post it on Twitter. It does so by keeping the long text on

ShortText allows to keep a page private and to turn on or off the use of comments.

No sign ups, no sign in are required.

The service is completely free and it is ad supported.

Firefox Add-on: 

*shortxt is a simple Addon which lets you post text longer than 140 characters on

1) Just write as much text as you want in the Twitter box
2) Right click on the screen and select "Twitzer Text". It will shorten text to fit in 140

Chrome Extension: 


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(Reviewed by Robin Good)