Create A Mobile Version of Your WebSite With Integrated Offers and Deals: Roveb | Web Publishing Tools |

Robin Good: Roveb is a web-based service that makes it easy for anyone to create a simple but professionally-looking mobile-optimized website which integrates offers, items on sale and incentives for social sharing activities.

How it works:

1) Define your products or services, along with complementary offers and deals.

2) Include a JavaScript code to your full website which will enable mobile detection and redirects. Mobile visitors to your full website are automatically redirected to the mobile website.

Non-mobile users, even search engines, continue to see your full website.

3) Visitors can access special offers by performing an activity in exchange. Activities include social sharing which help create virality and awareness for your business. Chosen activity is verified through click-tracking on a referral link and the visitor is notified to simply visit the business on-location to redeem the offer.

The basic "Starter" account which costs $29/mo provides integrated hosting, 10 content items,
2 Offers, Loyalty Program and Mobile Payments (soon), Custom Look & Feel and Full Technical Support

Higher priced plans include also 
- Custom Domain
- Analytics

- the ability to add more content items and offers.

Pricing info: 

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