Publish a Multimedia Web Page Instantly: Checkthis | Web Publishing Tools |

Robin Good: With no need for registration, no set-up, and no installation requirements Checkthis makes it as easy as it can get, to publish a web page of multimedia content on the web.

As soon as you click the Create a Page button, you can start immediately adding a main title, text, and any type of additional content including images, audio, web links, lists, video, maps, tweets and more. 

The appearance of the page can also be customized somewhat by changing the background image and specifying colors for each one of the content components present on a page.

Other features include the ability to make your web page "private" or public, and whether it will "expire" after some time. Only in the case you want to keep your web page "private" you will need to login into Checkthis by using Twitter/Facebook or Google as sign-in intermediaries. 

Useful. 8/10

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