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Web Publishing Tools
New web publishing tools for independent publishers
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Scooped by Robin Good

Make All of Your Website Content Editable In-line with Snaplive

Robin Good's insight:

Snaplive is an up and coming free, open-source CMS which allows any publisher to edit the contents of its web site directly on the page, without needing to log in to a backend system.

Snaplive works perfectly with WordPress and with the existing theme you are using and not only provides editing functions but it also allows you to add / create new content sections very easily.

"Virtually ANY existing website or theme can become a Snaplive-powered editable website in a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is add an HTML5 attribute to the div that will contain editable content."

My comment: I haven't tried Snaplive but the video is quite self-explanatory. While not the first system that attempts to provide in-line, on-the-page content editing and creation, the fact that that is free and open-source, that it can work with most any existing web sites and with any WordPress theme makes it very interesting for many a web publisher. If installing and configuring is as easy as it is promised, then this could be a godsend both for many website designers as well as for their clients. 

My compliments to Niccolò Broggi for designing such a cool, elegant and useful tool. 

Currently in private alpha.

For more info check:  http://snaplive.org 

Blog: http://snaplive.org/blog/ 

Please do support this project with your contribution here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/snaplive-go-live-in-a-snap--12/x/3977105 

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Scooped by Robin Good

Image Gallery Publishing with Juicebox

Image Gallery Publishing with Juicebox | Web Publishing Tools | Scoop.it

Robin Good: If you are looking for a simple solution to your need for integrating or embedding an image gallery in your web site, Juicebox provides a great set of ready-made HTML5 solutions available both in free and premium versions.

"Use Juicebox to create and manage image galleries on your web site, blog or portfolio."

Key features include: 

-> Light and Fast – lightweight and fast to load, giving your users a great viewing experience. Smart image pre-loading means images display faster

-> Responsive Layout – resizable interface, which adapts to the browser size. Gallery UI adapts to fit any size screen.

-> Auto Generated Thumbnails – no need to create thumbnails for your image galleries. Juicebox handles this for you.

Pro (paid) versions include additional features include advanced customization options, including autoplay, watermarking, image randomization, direct linking, image fading and scaling options among others.

A WordPress plugin is available which allows creation and management of image galleries right from within WP: http://www.juicebox.net/support/wp-juicebox/ 

Examples: http://www.juicebox.net/demos/  

Download & Pricing: http://www.juicebox.net/download/ 

More info: http://www.juicebox.net/ 

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