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Robin Good: If you are wondering which service to use to get your content out into an eBook in a professional-fashion, you may want to check this very informative comparison table that FoliumBookStudio, a new service in this space, has published on its site.

From this comparison table you can tell side-by-side who is the best when it comes to choosing between Lulu, Smashwords, Book Country, BookBaby, PublishGreen and FoliumBook for the production and distribution of your own eBook.

Comparison table: http://www.foliumbookstudio.com/price-and-compare/ 

The FoliumBookStudio is an interesting new solution providing the option of a free trial, and a number of extra features that the other services do not offer.

Find out more about FoliumBookStudio here: http://www.foliumbookstudio.com/