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Scooped by Robin Good

Collaborative Community-Based News Curation with NewsPad

Robin Good's insight:

"NewsPad is a web app that helps communities of people collaborate on news articles, even when they don’t see themselves as writers.

It helps people choose a headline, structure their article, and ask others to add material.

The software, which supports real-time collaborative editing and content curation, incorporates the best ideas from Wikipedia, Storify, and online text editors."

"NewsPad is designed for the long tail of interest of participation, a system that works well with stories that are too small for newspapers, where it might take a casual volunteer effort to create any news at all."

Newspad, which is free and open-source, is a project born out of Microsoft Fuse Labs.

Its unique strengths are:

a) easy-to-use and to post structured news content

b) collaborative - you can invite others to contribute

c) easy to distribute across multiple sites

It is an ideal tool for local and hyperlocal news sites as well as for any highly focused community of interest.

Free to use. Open-source.

Find out more: http://blog.fuselabs.org/post/76312929591/newspad-editor-is-now-open-source 


Try it out now: http://newspad.at/# 

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Scooped by Robin Good

Create Your Curated Social Media Landing Page with Tint

Robin Good's insight:

Tint is a web servive which allows you to create very easily, and without any technical knowledge a web presence by aggregating, curating and displaying your favorite feeds, social media channels into an elegant visual layout.

Tint-created websites can be easily embedded into any existing web site or integrated into any CMS such as WordPress or Tumblr very easily.

Techcrunch reports: "In other words, Tint’s platform is designed to help brands create social hubs on top of their digital properties and, in turn, create a deeper level of engagement with their audiences...

...Businesses can link their Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and RSS feeds to their Tint accounts, whereupon the service auto-populates the page from those feeds, serving the social content in a river that is Pinterest-like in design."

Users can personalize their "tint" web pages by changing fonts, background colors, the headline, URL and image of each piece of content.

"Tint also allows you to choose the dimensions you want the embedded stream to be and the number of cascading columns you want to appear, automatically serving up the embed code."

All plans include one "tint" (one web page), the connection of 2 social accounts, mobile support and analytics.

Depending on the paid service plan you select, you can also have additional social accounts added, a white-label implementation, moderation/curation features, additional themes, Facebook Tab, support for events, hashtag moderation, full custom CSS support and more.

Free basic version available to everyone.

My comment: If you wanted an alternative to RebelMouse here it is. Just like its competitor it lets you display social media feeds from specific hashtags, social media channels and Pinterest boards, adding as a unique extra support also for YouTube channels.

Examples: http://www.tintup.com/clients

Templates: http://www.tintup.com/pages/choosetheme

Try it out here: http://www.tintup.com/

Pricing: http://www.tintup.com/pricing

Forum: http://forum.tintup.com/

Paula Correia's curator insight, April 29, 2013 11:56 AM

Tint é um serviço web que permite  criar, facilmente e sem qualquer conhecimento técnico, uma presença na web ( agregando, curando conteúdos e exibindo os seus feeds favoritos ou médias sociais) com um layout visual elegante.

Pamela Bartar's curator insight, May 8, 2013 2:23 AM

t(a)inted love

Margaret Waage's comment, May 17, 2013 10:51 AM
Can't wait to play!