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Scooped by Robin Good

Build Instantly Your "Social Media Blog" with OverBlog

Build Instantly Your "Social Media Blog" with OverBlog | Web Publishing Tools | Scoop.it

Robin Good: Overblog is a new web service which allows anyone to create a website automatically built around the content you are already posting and sharing on your favorite social media channels.

In addition you can also post directly via Overblog any kind of content by using a modular, add-the-content-type you want into unique, rich media posts. 

Overblog also provides the ability to video-live stream on your site straight from your mobile phone as well as over 100 of nicely pre-designed and fully customizable templates that can be utilized to personalize your "social media blog". 

Analytics for traffic stats are included as well as the opportunity to monetize your "social media blog" by optin-in for it. 

It is also possible to launch as many blogs as you want with a single ID and to grant access to as many contributors as you want (and to define what you want to give them permission to do: write, review, or post.)

N.B.: Your newly created "social media blog" works and can be seen properly across all kind of devices, from desktop to mobile.

Here is a simple test I have run on it: http://robingood.overblog.com/ 

Free to use.

Find out more: http://en.over-blog.com/ 

Patrizia Splendiani's comment, June 26, 2012 5:18 PM
@Marcello, mi fa piacere che ti torni utile!!! Grazie a te per l'apprezzamento!
Scooped by Robin Good

Create Your Custom Pinterest-Like Content Magazine With Feeed

Create Your Custom Pinterest-Like Content Magazine With Feeed | Web Publishing Tools | Scoop.it

Robin Good: Feeed is a simple and elegant web-service which allows you to easily create a Pinterest-like visual magazine by aggregating any number of blogs or RSS feeds.

Just input the URL of your blog, Twitter channel, and any other site or feed you may want to include (up to 8) and Feeed will automatically aggregate and display all of the incoming content into a neat visual page. 

"Take everything you like to read – blogs, news, art and more – and get it all delivered to a site designed especially for you, by you."

Feeed.co can also be utilized as your personal news dashboard by making it easier for you to check and monitor your favorite RSS feeds on Feeed visual display. It is possible to see both all of the feeds aggregated into one as well as any individual feed alone.

The basic service is free to use and the Plus version costing $39/year allows you to:
a) add up to 40 feeds,

b) use your own domain name,

c) mix'n'match colors to make your own custom theme, and

d) mark items as favorites

Example: http://robingood.feeed.co/ 

Try it out now: http://feeed.co 

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