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Robin Good: is a new one-page website builder that picks up on the footsteps of Unbounce (without the fancy techy elements), Smore (while being more elegant and web-like), Jux and Imcreator by offering a very-easy to use one-page builder that makes it hard for anyone to create anything looking amateurish. strikes the right chord for all those non-techie individuals who have great desire to start something on the web, but get discouraged by the complexity and technical know-how required to produce something that looks "professional".

By providing a set of well designed templates, that the user can edit without destrying them, offers a much easier path to a professional-looking web presence than most other, non-HTML-based website builder can provide.

With a free account you can create two one-pagers, and an use "some" of the templates available. By spending $10 to $16/mo you can create many more one-pagers, map them to your domain, and have access to analytics (plus Premium Support and more storage and bandwidth).

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