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Robin Good: Silk is a new web-based web publishing platform which allows anyone to easily create information-based websites, that can leverage to the max the use of structured information and tags inside the published content.

"In Silk, adding structure to content is as easy as writing it. This structure can be searched, aggregated and visualized, making it a breeze to find information."

Everyone can make a Silk site and start adding pages with text, images and links.

Key features:

- Tags: facts in your text can be tagged.

- Collaboration: you can let multiple people work on your site by inviting and managing site editors.

- History: history versions are kept of each web site edit executed, so that going back is easy.

- Domain mapping/hosting: You can run Silk on your domain, just adjust your DNS settings and you are done.

- Look and feel: Moreover, your site can be styled any way you like it. You can have your own CSS to determine background, colors and fonts to match your style.

- API - available API set

N.B.: Custom styling and Silk on your own domain are paid options.

Sample sites made with Silk: Take a look at one of our public Silk sites: Countries of the World, The Next Web Index or the Simpsons.

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