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Generate a printed book from your blog by simply selecting a few options and letting FeedFabrik do the rest for you.

FeedFabrik can hook up with major blogging platforms such as Blogger, Wordpress (hosted and self-hosted), Typepad and Tmblr as well as photo sharing sites Picplsz and Instagram and can convert selected contents (you can specify a date range) to be formatted and printed as a physical book with cover, full table of contents and everything else you expect in a traditional book.

Once you have connected FeedFabrik with your blog, you are offered a number of options to configure the content to be published and the layout of the book.

The standard and only format available now is the A5, with both soft or hard-covers in black and white or color. Only one font is available right now and you can select which posts to incude only on the basis of a date range. The order of posts can be set to standard or reverse chronological order.

Three types of paper are available plain white paper, plain creme paper and photo quality paper.

FeedFabrik provides the user with three final output options: 

1) printed Book - starting at 7.45€ ($10)

2) PDF Book - 4.95€

3) PDF Proof - FREE

The print proof PDF file is a file that shows your book just like we send it to the printer. It is perfect to make sure that everything looks like you expect. The printed book will look the same. The print proof file has crop marks around the content which are used to cut the printed pages out of the larger print sheet.

You can order any number of print books: one or a hundred, and they will be shipped to you from Europe.

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