Robin Good: OnSwipe is a great service that allows anyone to easily generate an iPad-compatible version of their blog, that is beautifully designed and extremely easy to access and navigate. 

OnSwipe provides a free online dashboard in which, after you have registere yourself, you can set up any number of content sections based on RSS feeds or other content channels you have access to. 

OnSwipe does all the rest.

What you need to do on your end is to place a tiny JavaScript snippet into your web site home page HTML code and from that moment on, iPad-based visitors will be served your web site "special" version, organized around the sections and feeds you have previously provided.

To get an idea of the final results looks like check also this other video clip: 


Try it out now on any site. I have tested it and it does work flawlessly.  

Impressive. 9/10

Try it out here: