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Robin Good: PressJack is a service which allows you to utilize any RSS feed to create a professional-looking digital magazine which you can host directly on your own web site.

If you are looking for a way to make better use of the resources you curate, share and bookmark online, or for a way to create extra value for your newsletter subscribers PressJack may offer a very interesting proposition.

By using PressJack it is in fact very easy to aggregate into a beautiful-looking magazine content coming even from multiple feeds and to "edit" only those stories and items you think are of most value. (You can accept or reject individual stories, edit their content, and the specific images that will be published).

For this capability alone PressJack provides an excellent way to "curate" your own content stream while producing a richer and more focused content item. 

A free version of the desktop software (PC - Mac) that allows you to see how you can build your own digital magazine, is immediately available on the home page of the site.

There are three versions of PressJack one of which is fully free. This free version allows you to create and publish up to 3 digital magazines at a time on your website. The magazine does contain a few ads, but I must say they fit in quite nicely without disrupting or diminishing the overall output quality. This version does not support reader statistics.

Examples of digital magazines created with PressJack: 

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