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Robin Good: LightCMS is a website builder that makes it easy for anyone to create an online presence while integrating full ecommerce capabilities.

LightCMS, which starts at $19/month for a 10-page web site provides over 200 pre-designed professional templates, that can be edited and personalized.

LightCMS makes it easy to add any type of content "module" to any existing page and to choose from a large array of options which include: 

  • text block
  • signup form
  • product listing
  • photo gallery
  • video
  • image
  • blog
  • input form
  • donation
  • evite
  • calendar

My comment: Editing on page elements is not as easy and immediate as I expected it to be, as each time you need to edit a content component on the page a new "editing page" needs to be loaded. 


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